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MW Cleaning GmbH

My primary responsibility as a web designer is to create and carry out an amazing website design that successfully accomplishes its goal.

I recently had the honor of creating a website for a business involved in the help industry. The client had a general notion of the website's design. The client handed me a printed flyer that displayed this aesthetic. A gentle and controlled color scheme comprising of pastel tones and floral décor accents was selected to meet the customer's specific preferences.

The flyer's material served as the foundation for the creation of engaging website content. I carefully adapted and optimized the material to create attractive and compelling copy that effectively informed visitors about the company's mission and services.

As a consequence, the website's design reflected the desired brand aesthetic and connected with the target market by conveying a sense of tranquility and care.

  1. Content adaptation and search for visual support

  2. Website design

  3. Design of the mobile and tablet version of the site

I selected the color scheme shown below for the website design based on the flyer's color scheme. I slightly strayed from yellow, favoring burgundy, fuchsia, and cream hues instead.



Preference was given throughout design to visuals that resemble watercolor paintings.

All illustrations used in the design were taken from the author photographeeasia at and adapted to the needs of the site.