Packaging design for the Waterpulse series of oral irrigators

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Waterpulse company

The oral irrigator brand Waterpulse made the decision to modernize the packaging. The previous design was conservative and formal, unable to set the box apart from rivals on pharmacy shelves. The corporation also underwent a rebranding, changing the color of its logo from blue to purple.

The hexagon, which was frequently employed in the company's corporate style (business cards, brochures, flyers, etc.), served as the foundation for the new design. The packaging's background color changed to purple, matching the hue of the emblem. Different models of irrigators were marked with different colors of hexicons.

The design of the instructions for each model of the irrigator was developed in conjunction to changing the packaging's appearance. Everything was completed in the single style

Stages of work
  1. Packaging design development

  2. Preparation of layouts for printing

  3. Development of the design of instructions

Old design

The different versions of the irrigators were not visually clearly identified on the packaging in the older packaging design. The color of the side portions and the color of the front-part features varied amongst the packages. These markings, however, did not represent different models; they represented the color of the irrigator contained within the package. Finding tthe right model was therefore challenging, especially when various versions had irrigators of the same size and color.

New design

Seven different packaging designs were created in all. Each model of irrigator has a unique hexagon color. The hexagon color on the package for the upgraded irrigator's versions is the similar, but the newer model is a darker tint.

The front and rear parts of the packaging for models of irrigators with several colors of the device are designed differently: on one side, a photo of the irrigator with the key technical specifications is presented, and on the other side, a photo with all colors of the irrigator is displayed.

Design instructions