Site design for the Minecraft game server

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Michel W.

A client approached me with a project of creating a website for the Minecraft video game. However, the client was uncertain about the final outcome and only had a rough idea and a server name. Thus, I took charge of designing a logo that would reflect the game's theme, identifying what content would be most relevant to the site's audience, and creating an overall structure and design. To achieve the desired outcome, I analyzed several websites with similar content and formulated a prototype using the fundamental elements that are frequently used in such sites. Once the client approved the concept, I set about designing the logo and website.

  1. Logo design

  2. Research and analysis

  3. Content creation

  4. Web design

  5. Design adaptive versions

I opted for a font with stepped letters that accurately mimics the pixelated rendering of the game for the inscription. To reflect the minerals that are commonly mined in the game, I incorporated their textures into the letters' fillings. Additionally, client asked me to included a pickaxe as a symbol of the crucial tool used for speedy mining.

Logo design


Crafted specifically for a Minecraft server, the website needed to provide key information for the players who would be using it. This included displaying the number of players currently on the server and information about the number of players in integrating with Discord.

A dynamic news feed was added to the site, ensuring that players were kept up-to-date with the latest happenings on the server. Keeping players informed about the latest updates, changes, and developments on the server is crucial and cannot be overstated.

In a bid to take the gaming experience to the next level, we have also introduced an online store. This store is specially designed to offer unique game items that could only be purchased for this specific Minecraft server. It provides an opportunity for players to invest in the game in a way that went beyond the standard gameplay experience.

Together, these elements combined to create a site that not only looked great, but was functional and informative as well.