Packaging design for a package organizer

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Daniel Onoprienko

For a zip-pack organizer, a packaging design had to be created.

The organizer is made of natural material - bamboo. So, bamboo has become the main decorative element in design development. The organizer consists of 4 containers of different sizes.

Multiple images of the organizer were submitted by the client. However, because the pictures were not taken in a studio, they required retouching and perspective adjustments. I offered to paint the organizer to make the product look better on the packaging. However, I also produced a number of packaging design possibilities using images. In the end, the client chose the option with a painted organizer.

"An excellent specialist, answered all questions and responded immediately to all corrections. Very satisfied with the cooperation. I recommend her to everyone."

Stages of work

1. Painting the organizer

2. Development of the design of the front side of the package

3. Approval of the design of the front side

4. Development of a complete packaging design

5. Preparation of the layout for printing

Design options

The customer wanted a colorful packaging layout. As a result of the work, 3 front design variations for the package's sides were offered. After choosing the design of the front side of the package, the design of all the other sides of the package was developed.


After the client selected one of the three design possibilities, work on the package's overall design continued.

The customer asked to make minor changes to the packaging's front portion, namely: changing some inscriptions and making the brand more expressive (the client did not have a logo, the name of the product played the role of the logo).

The back of the packaging includes box illustrations as well as a more thorough description of the product size.