London Restaurant Group — menu, events, loyalty system, etc.

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IT-Fox for «London Restaurant Group», 2021

London Restaurant Group is a large restaurant chain that is the leader in Sochi. Each of the restaurants is successful and truly unique.

The restaurant's menu showcases the culinary innovation of the top chefs as well as cuisines from throughout the globe. You can fulfill any vision in the establishments' venues, from intimate family gatherings to elaborate feasts and ceremonial events.

The application allows the user to:

  • Follow the events

  • Book a table for the events

  • Accumulate points

  • Give points to other users

  • Raise status and receive discounts

  • Follow the news

  • Communicate with chat support

  1. User-Flow

  2. Interface design


Design elements


Interface Design

Information regarding the user's status and accrued points are shown on this screen.

The user's actions (reserving a table, purchasing tickets, etc.) as well as restaurant news and events are in the event stream.

News and events are displayed on colored cards, while user activities are shown on black cards.

Home page

All the events scheduled for the restaurant are displayed on the poster screens.

The user can choose to sort events by time, such as this week, this weekend, or the following week, or select a specific date.

By selecting the "share" option, each event can be posted to social media.

Standardized cards are presented on the page of the description of the event, indicating the key details: the time and location of the event, the dress code, the price, the menu, or the program.

The event is then thoroughly described after that. At the conclusion, advertisements for other events are presented.

There is always one of the button "Buy ticket" or "Reserve a table" or "Call" visible on the screen. The administrator of the mobile application chooses which button to display on the screen based on the type of occurrence.


Typically, there are three different ticket classes: economy, premium, and VIP. Because the user can order various quantities of tickets of various classes, the order cost calculator is provided on the ticket purchase screen.

The user selects tickets, enters personal information to obtain tickets, and then proceeds to the payment gateway to make a purchase. The main screen features information about ticket purchases.

Buying tickets

The user has the option to reserve a table for an event. To do this, you must first choose an event, then click the "reserve a table" option and complete the necessary fields, such as arrival time, guest count, and user information (these fields are filled automatically, but the user can edit them). There is no cost to reserve a table.

All reservations are shown on the "Reservations" screen. The mobile application makes it very straightforward for the user to cancel the table reservation at any moment.

Table reservation

A QR code is produced when the loyalty system is connected. You must respond to a short questionnaire in order to receive a QR code.

The loyalty program's point-accumulation component is involved. Each time the QR code is scanned, points are given. The user can transfer his or her points to another user or use them to pay for restaurant services. The total number of points earned affects the status of the user, which in turn affects the level of discount the user receives for all restoration services.

QR-code and loyalty system

The user is informed about the benefits of the mobile application in 4 points of onboarding.

On all screens are displayed drawn images surrounded by short texts that characterize one or another advantage.

Onboarding Screens: Stay tuned for upcoming events; loyalty program; the most delicious cuisine from the best chefs; follow the news.


The design of the mobile application is made in gradations of black and white colors. This design carries an important component: the user should not be distracted by the design of the mobile application, so that bright photos of events and news on a black and white background perfectly attract attention. The maximum emphasis is given to events and news.

Others screens