Packaging for Marco-Art colored pencils

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Владислав Е.

I had to come up with a package design for 12 colored triangular pencils. Cardboard box is the type of packaging. The packaging was designed for pencils that weren't too bright, therefore the idea was to make the packaging not quite pastel but also not too bright so that the product would stand out on the shelves among its rivals.

The client's vector-based cutout shape for the box was really helpful in getting the layout ready for printing.

"I am very satisfied with Olga's work. First, everything is done according to the rules. Secondly, the design of the box turned out to be excellent, and not just one. At the same time, the packaging design was ordered from other designers. Olga is not in competition. Her work went into production.

Thanks for the work!"

Stages of work

1. Creation of a range of design alternatives for the package's front side

2. Coordination, corrections, and approval of the chosen option

3. Development of the package's additional sides

4. Layout preparation for printing

Design options

There were 4 design concepts to choose from. The design was focused on children, who are the main consumers of this product. The desire was to create a playful and positive design


The client chose a blue package with a cheerful smiley face. The emoticon smile is a specially designed cut-out window that allows the customer to view the item inside the package.

The client asked me to make several corrections to the chosen design, namely: adding the word "pencils", changing the font of writing "Marco-Art", making the lower part visible, and placing the pencils in a certain color scheme.

After taking into account all the wishes of the client and making adjustments, other sides of the package were developed.