Packaging design for an oral irrigator

Programs that were used

About project


"Daily Care" company

The "Daily Care" company launched a new product, an irrigator for the oral cavity. This product required the development of packaging. A product photography was also necessary because the product was brand-new in order to collect images for the packaging design and instructions.

The client hired me to conduct a picture session because I am also a photographer. Due to my ability to conduct a quick photo session and obtain the product angles I required to create the packaging design and instructions, the packaging design process took less time overall. In order to create a die cut for the package, I also required to take measurements of the irrigator's size.

Stages of work
  1. Photo session of the irrigator

  2. Photo retouching

  3. Development of die-cut packaging

  4. Packaging design development

  5. Development of the design of the instructions

  6. Preparation of materials for printing.

Photo session of the irrigator

A photo session of the oral irrigator was conducted. The photography included general plan photos and as well as close-ups of specific device components were presented. Each photo was modified in Photoshop.

Instruction design


Measurements of the oral irrigator were carried out and a die-cut of packaging was developed. The space for the instructions has to be considered when designing the die cut. There was a desire to make the package not too large, but so that the device could be easily retrieved.