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A website built for the client using a common WordPress template. The client wanted to construct a unique website because he sells high-end lighting.

The challenge in creating the design was that the logo did not fit the rather strict style that should have been used to present the premium products. It was vital to incorporate a humorous logo with a rigid aesthetic.

Because the lamps actually look fantastic, the lamp photo was highlighted in the catalog and product card. Through the photo, I tried to convey as much as possible about the product's quality.

The end product was a website with a logo's colors that occasionally mixed colors to create a golden glow, and a partial black background.

  1. Wireframes development

  2. Landing page design for 1920 px screen

  3. Development of 3D logo animation

  4. Adaptive version for other screen extensions: 768 px and 360 px.

Wireframe for Homepage

1. Header

The header is divided into 2 blocks: navigation and contacts

2. Main screen

A landing page has been developed for each product category. It is from this screen that the user goes to the landing page, where he can learn more about the features of the category. Five categories at most were anticipated for the future.

3. Novelties in the catalog

A section showing 3 new items in the product range of any category

4. Advantages of the company Lightrich

The screen stops, icons change when scrolling the mouse wheel. 3D icons were developed for this section.

5. List of product categories

A list of the main product categories so that the user can quickly go to the desired category.

6. Blog articles

Company information, history of business creation.

7. About company

The latest articles from the blog are displayed here in the form of a carousel.

Other wireframes

Product category's landingpage
Main catalog
Catalog of the category
Product card
Thankyou page
Stages of placing an order
Shop basket


Product card