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Roman K.

SecretCase is a sex toy store designed for the pleasure of women, couples and men. The company's goal is to help women feel sexy and break down sexual taboos by providing sex education through the company's blog.

  1. Analysis of competitors' logo designs

  2. Logo design

  3. Logobook development

Stages of work

The client came to me with a specific idea in mind for the logo. The assignment was to create a logo without the conventional sex store symbols, example strawberries, lips, breasts, etc. The logo shouldn't conjure up evoke obscene thoughts. The logo should, however, also represent the sector. The brand needed to appear respectable and premium. The customer requested something like a box in the logo because the company is called «Secretcase».

About company

Analysis of competitiors' logo design

14 of the most recognizable sex stores' logos were examined. The analysis's findings are listed below.

The majority of logos combine a typography with an icon. Many logos are intricate, and the symbol shows an entire illustration. As a result, the majority of logos are multicolor. Due to the gaming-inspired appearance of the majority of the logos, they lack the credibility of a professional brand.

The logo must appear sophisticated and authoritative for our brand to stand out. A maximum of three colors should be used. Unlike to competitor logos, which very effectively declare their area of business, our logo should be restraint yet nonetheless informative.

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