Landing page for startups who need a website

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Landing was created for programmers who provide their assistance in building websites for start-up companies looking to establish an online presence. Since startups usually need unique websites that reflect their company's ideas and attract the attention of potential customers, I decided to create a slightly offbeat design using simple illustrations.

The client did not have a clear vision of the fullness of the website. I evaluated related websites in order to produce my own content. My proposed site architecture was approved by the client, and I then started working on the design.

The landing page was developed for 4 screen sizes: 1920, 1280, 768, 360.

  1. Research and analysis

  2. Content creation

  3. Web design

  4. Design adaptive versions

The idea for the images was taken from the site Freepik, the author of sapunkele. Some images had to be reworked to match the theme and content of the site, as well as the general style in terms of color and size.driver.