Label design for the room spray against animal odor

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Duftglück GmbH

During this project, I took on the task of creating a label design for a range of interior sprays carefully formulated to remove animal odors - four different scents in total. The client's main goal was to create a minimalist label design that was defined by a balanced use of colors, but had its own unique character.

This project was particularly important as it marked the launch of a new product line. The project required more than just developing a design that would meet the client's strict and minimalist aesthetic tastes; it also required developing a unique visual identity for the new line of room sprays. Guided by the intricacies of the creative process, I worked hard to create a visual language that would become synonymous with the brand, exceeding the client's expectations. This assignment was an important step in bringing the client's creative products to a demanding market, a clear step towards building a strong and sustainable brand.

Stages of work
  1. Creation of a number of design options for the front side of the label

  2. Coordination, adjustment and approval of the selected option

  3. Development of additional sides of the label

  4. Complete coordination of the layout as a template for the following types of spray

  5. Development of label design for other types of spray

  6. Preparation of labels for printing

  7. Development of mockups for the online store

Design options

The initial phase involved creating several design options for the front of the label, focusing on clean lines, restrained typography and use of subdued colors to evoke a sense of sophistication and simplicity.

The concept of creating the design with one main color that best matches the name of the spray was chosen. It was important to design the label template that represented the varied product categories while maintaining the same look of the product line with the least amount of editing.

The client was offered 5 different designs for one type of Lila spray. The chosen design successfully embodied the minimalist spirit while effectively conveying the distinctive characteristics of the spray for each room.

The client chose the design option in which the name of the spray is displayed in the same font as the brand name.

The description of the fragrance finds its place on a colored background, providing visual hierarchy and distinction for each product variant. Adding an animal emblem was the only modification requested by the client: the visualization of a dog's paw was included.

After the client approved the front label, the design process extended to the development and subsequent approval of the back label. The back plays the crucial role in conveying important information to the consumer. It contains important information such as product composition, recommendations for use, warnings, expiration date, company address, and other relevant information. The back label ensures that consumers are well-informed about the product

Selected design

Design for the entire product line

Developed image mockups for an online store