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Waterpulse Company

The goal was to develop a visually appealing e-catalog for Waterpulse with captivating photos. However, due to time constraints, conducting a full products photoshoot was not feasible. To overcome this challenge, a creative solution was devised - the creation of photo collages.

The first step involved finding suitable material to work with. This included gathering existing product images, and any other relevant visuals that could enhance the overall catalog design. These materials were carefully selected to ensure they align with the brand's image and product range.

Once the material was collected, the next step was to process and edit the images. This involved retouching, color correction, and any necessary adjustments to ensure the photos appeared vibrant, high-quality, and consistent throughout the catalog.

The highlight of the catalog creation process was the photo collage technique. It allowed for the combination of various product images, and additional design elements to create unique compositions. By strategically arranging and overlapping the visuals, the resulting collages showcased the products in an engaging and visually striking manner.

The end result was a catalog that successfully captured attention with its distinctive and captivating photos. The collages not only showcased the products effectively but also added an element of creativity and uniqueness to the overall design.